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CTA Performing Arts Dance Company

Shine a spotlight on your talents

For our more serious performers in dance, drama or musical theatre, CTA Performing Arts also offers the opportunity to be part of our intensive programmes which offer more performance opportunities including for our dance and drama students the opportunity to participate in competitions. 

Performing Arts Dance Company Chiswick, London

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CTA Dance Company

Dancers don’t need wings to fly.

One of the highlights of learning to dance is the thrill of stepping on stage!

The CTA Dance Company provides dedicated dancers with the opportunity to achieve excellence in movement while developing performance and dance technique skills.

As a member of the CTA Dance Company, your child will learn many different styles of dance which will prepare them for any class, audition or performance in their dance career. We participate in a few, but do not emphasize, dance competitions. We are preparing young dancers for success in college and beyond. Dancers will learn a variety of styles including jazz, lyrical, modern, ballet and hip hop…ensuring a well-rounded dance education.

All instructors and choreographers promote positive self-esteem and a good work ethic, all while the dancers develop great friendships and memories.

The CTA Dance Company is open to students from 4 years of age and is divided into 4 groups based on technique and experience, not necessarily by age. 

All members of the CTA Dance Company are required to take one ballet class & 2 other dance classes from either modern/contemporary, tap, acro dance, ballet, hip hop & MT as well as their CTA Dance Company class. The CTA Dance Company rehearses in their groups on Thursdays.

To find out more about the CTA Dance Company and how your child can be part of it, get in touch today.

Join a creative, positive and energetic performance group​