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We are delighted that CTA Performing Arts can now offer our students the

International Dance Rewards system. IDR is a beautifully designed badge reward system for theatre schools offering a structured progression through all genres of dance and Musical Theatre; from technique and performance, to manners and uniform. Fun and inclusive because we believe regular, stress free, in-house assessment and, most importantly, rewards are the key to developing happy, motivated and inspired students.

It is a super simple way to keep our students motivated, rewarded and track progress in a familiar format, similar to how recognised Swim Awards and British Gymnastics awards work.

Our new reward system will be used seamlessly along side our traditional ISTD Ballet, Tap & Modern exams or as a stand alone reward and progression method for our students who do not     wish to take the traditional route or for whom there isn’t a suitable grade.

Genres & Levels

Ballet – Modern – Tap – Street – Jazz – Contemporary – Acro – Musical Theatre – Funky Feet


Dancing Together (for grown up & child classes) Preschool


Early Years (Acro & Musical Theatre only) Primary

Levels 1-5

How It Works

Step 1

Each student will be allocated their Progress Record Card which the teacher will keep and mark. One per pupil for each genre of dance. The criteria includes key elements and steps to be achieved and ticked off.

Step 2

The teacher will assess students  on the first colour section (or which colour they feel their student is at in terms of ability) Assessments will take place on a  designated assessment day at the end of each term.

Step 3

Once all the achievements have been ticked off its time to award students for all the effort and dedication with our beautiful and bright certificate and badge.

Step 4

Your child will then move on to the next colour within their level in the Spring term and then again in the Summer Term.  This allows for regular termly assessments and rewards, ensuring progress and happy children.

Why Are We Different?
Why No Examiners?

IDR understand that dance teachers are highly trained and knowledgeable, often dedicating years and years of their lives from childhood to adulthood to their art. It is not just a job or something they do to pay the bills – its their passion and life’s love. Just ask them! When your teacher becomes a member with IDR they provide us with their training details and qualifications, so we know those assessing the students know their “tendu” from a “grand battement”.

We trust them and offer them the flexibility to assess when they feel it is best for each individual and fits in with the running of their school or studio. No waiting for exam dates and results no stress for younger children.

Benefits Of IDR For Your Child

Rewarding Students Works – There’s even scientific evidence to support it, particularly for younger dancers for whom regular praise and tangible rewards build both confidence and motivation. For this age group waiting a whole year between each traditional dance exam can feel like an eternity which IDR helps overcome.

Happy Parents – Parents love our system, its very transparent, parents can see the Progress Record Cards and how each level advances. The designs are beautifully eye catching and a lovely memento to treasure.

Confidence Building – Regularly rewarding students effort and dedication in itself builds an “I can” attitude. Ticking off achievements each term or half term, is constantly reinforcing that positive message that with effort you can achieve.

Inclusivity – Rewarding every step on everyones journey, its the core of our ethos and something we are proud of. Yes, students may also take the traditional exams, but IDR rewards allow a level playing field that builds a team moral.

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Class Information



Annie Film Musical 2021

The CTA Performing Arts creative team of West End professionals (West End shows include: 42nd Street, Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, Billy Elliot, Sweeney Todd, Scrooge, High Society, South Pacific etc) are so excited to be working on this amazing musical and to be able to create a film which we will live stream in summer 2021 to our CTA Performing Arts dance families and friends! Annie was the first musical CTA staged in 2011, so we are delighted for our 10th Musical Theatre anniversary to once again be performing this wonderful family show.

We will have 3 casts for Annie and will make 3 films featuring each cast. CTA Performing Arts is an inclusive school and all students are welcome – those who wish to take up performing arts as a career, to those who have a passion for performing arts.

Summer Show

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Get a Free Dance Lesson

Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, our Saskatoon Dance studios have a class for you.

Get started with a FREE dance lesson.