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Modern Dance / Contemporary

Modern Dance bridges the gap between jazz and ballet, and is often the style of dancing you see in Broadway and West End shows. 

While it is less ‘rigid’ than ballet, modern dance still requires students to build a strong technical foundation.

Modern Dance Classes Chiswick, London

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Modern Dance / Contemporary

Boost your fitness and your movement skills.

Contemporary is an ever-evolving dance form that is taught and performed in bare feet and draws on traditional modern dance techniques as well as newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques. 

Modern and contemporary dance classes at our Chiswick studios focus on the use of the spine, asymmetry, floor-work, level changes and the dynamic use of energy in movement. They are ideal for children who love ballet and want to expand on their skills. 

We follow the ISTD Syllabus & exams may be taken from 6 years.

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